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What to know when you are our guest.

This collection of videos has been created with you in mind!
Our hope is that these will answer commonly asked questions about Rest Ashore.

Theater Room

When you visit Rest Ashore enjoy your media entertainment of choice in the Theater Room. This video is a quick tutorial on how to use the TV components and hookups.


Going up!? When you visit Rest Ashore you will have the luxury of an elevator to get you and your things up and down between floors. This video is a quick tutorial on how to use the system.

Sound System

For our tech-savvy guests - when you stay with us check out the house Sound System! Here are the details for using the Rest Ashore Central Communication Hub powered by Control4.

When Accidents Happen

Accidents Happen! Are you staying with us?
If you are our guest here is what to do if something breaks or if you have a spill while staying at Rest Ashore.

guide to Sandbridge va


20 Tips for a 5-Star Vacation

A guide created by guests of Rest Ashore to get the most out of your vacation in Sandbridge, Virginia.